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Our aim is to assist you in building a successful career in automotive window tinting & ceramic coating.

We strive to deliver courses that will benefit you, provide you with the knowledge & know how, to run your window tinting business successfully & to the highest industry standards.

Our testimonials are proof that our Programs are the best in the World.

I did an automotive tinting course with Boyd recently. I would highly recommend anyone interested in this line of work to train with Boyd. He is a great, patient and knowledgeable instructor. Not only the training but the support AFTER the course is worth it alone. It was a pleasure to train with Boyd.

Shaun, Kellyville NSW

I was looking for a training school that had good reviews, reasonable cost, wealth of experience and very reputable Trainer. I can truly say that I have found one, but wait there’s more…

Not only is the training hands on, also conducive leaning area, step by step guidance, great atmosphere and Trainer’s personality is awesome. Thank you Boyd. 

Sherwin, Collaroy NSW

Thank you to Boyd at The Tint School for taking the time to perfect my tinting skills.

Boyd has guided me throughout my learning experience every step of the way which has lead me to start my own business in the industry. I couldn’t have done it with without him!!


Alex’s Mobile Tinting, Ryde NSW

I would like to thank Boyd from Tint School Training for teaching me everything I needed to be taught. If it wasn’t for Boyd I wouldn’t have opened up my own tinting business that’s booming in less then 2 months of being trained by him. I really appreciate everything you’ve done couldn’t have done it with you ! 

Moey                                                                                    Venom Window Tinting                                                            Punchbowl, NSW

Thanks Boyd, I attended the 3 day automotive tinting course and learnt so much.

Those of you who are thinking of doing it, just do it, as Boyd will pass down his knowledge, tips & tricks. You will learn all aspects from the legal requirements, knife and cutting skills, how the film is manufactured and you will get to be very hands on and start tinting!

Also you will have access to a tinting network which is also very handy and also knowing that Boyd is just a text or phone call away and is more than happy to answer anytime.

Thanks again

Gavin Tonks, Queanbeyan N.S.W

I would like to thank Boyd for introducing me to the world of tinting….he has taught me how to cut the films, how to shrink films before applying to the windows..he has been my go to for everything about tinting, asking questions and he is always there to explain things to me. I recommend Boyd in teaching  and demonstrating to those who are interested if you want to learn how to tint and can use it to your advantage as a extra income for the family.

Boyd has a family home based business you can never go wrong,  supplying tints and tools to start off your very own small business.

Jim Dunlop, Liverpool NSW

I went to see Boyd at The Tint School and had the most awesome experience. I couldn’t have been taught any better and his ongoing and constant help is beyond imaginable. Even after the course, always happy to help and is even driving a few hours to come see my new workshop and see how I’m going with things. I couldn’t recommend him enough 😊

Killa Tint, Raymond Terrace NSW

I entered the window tinting industry with no idea what to do or how to start .

I googled tint and training and came across tint school. I called Boyd and booked my training session . At first I wasn’t too sure but I was so eager to learn. From the first day of training I have not looked back. Boyd is not only my mentor, he is also my best friend. We can talk about almost anything and he is always available to help me. Boyd has given me the confidence to tint almost any car and has taught me so much about the Industry.

He always wants the best for his students and customers and is very selfless. Thankyou Boyd for everything you do for us students it’s a real pleasure having you as our mentor .

Knight Sky Tint & Ceramic CoatingKrish, Knight Sky Tinting & Coating 

Doing the training at The Tint School was probably the best decision I have ever made.

It takes a lot of practice to learn everything but the trainer definitely made it a lot easier for me.

Since doing the training I have also been given endless support, no matter what day it is they always make time to make sure you get the help that you need. I have always wanted to be my own boss and after about 6 months of doing the training I have resigned from my full time office job and have become a full time tinter earning a lot more money than I would have at my office job and it’s all thanks to The Tint School, I could not recommend them enough!
Thanks guys you are doing an incredible job!

Farhad Popal, Ryde NSW. Tint Express

I attended a tint training course held by Boyd many, many years ago. I’ve now been in the industry for over 15 years and Boyd continues to provide mentorship, but best of all, I gained a mate.

Boyd’s the kind of bloke who’s genuine, sincere and his knowledge in the industry is phenomenal.

I highly recommend Boyd’s Tint School.

Jason Burns (aka Stu)
Tint Ur Ride

Boyd came out for the day and taught me everything I needed to know to start tinting. he was very patient, kind and understanding. He gave me some tools and film to keep practising on. If I ever have a question I can msg him and ask and I know he will be more than happy to help and guide me.

Kate, Chipping Norton NSW

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