Solar Armor Window Tint Film

Shield & Protect

Solar Armor

Solar Armor window films are designed to withstand the most testing of conditions, reflecting 99% of harmful UV rays whilst maximising privacy, style and comfort. 

We offer a range of nano-ceramic films that compete with the leading brands across the world in terms of performance, offering unrivalled in-cabin heat rejection, minimised impacted on wireless devices and the highest levels of glare rejection. 

Solar Armor’s range of films are available in high end nanoceramics to regular carbon finishes to suit all budget types, we offer a broad range of VLT’s.

When only the best will do!

Ultra Coatings

Scientifically formulated and built to last. Ultra Co is the solution for superior automotive protection.

With constant testing and continual product & brand improvement you will see why we are the trusted brand for detailers across the globe.

Ultra Coatings Window Film